Damien Zannetou founded Aenea Cosmetics in London, England. However, its roots are firmly in the small village of Sia, Cyprus.

Damien always had an interest in his mother’s skincare regime and how she switched aimlessly between products in search of ‘the one’ that didn’t cause breakouts. From patch test to patch test, Damien became increasingly aware of just how important ingredients were within skincare products. Not only did the lack of a trustworthy skincare range cause breakouts, but it also impacted his mother’s confidence and after witnessing this first hand, Damien set out to make a change.

He first opened a London based skincare clinic in 2010 and grew a successful client base, including an influential celebrity clientele, all interested in the latest skincare and anti-ageing treatments. Damien soon realised the benefits of being able to give these men and women products to use at home. Armed with the knowledge of his own mother’s skincare struggles he set out to create a line of products that could boost the skin’s appearance, even on the most sensitive of skin.

Though everyone is born with a predetermined genetic code and ageing process, a number of lifestyle and environmental factors can impact on how we will age. Here began Damien’s passion for epigenetics and the skins natural ability to improve its appearance by strengthening from the inside out. This strength gives skin the natural boost it needs to combat pollution, sun exposure, stress and the lifestyle choices and environmental aggressors inherent in everyday modern life.

Thinking back to growing up in Cyprus, Damien considered two of his aunts who were identical twins and born with an identical genetic code. One lived and had a high-powered job in the capital city of Nicosia and the other lived on a farm in the peace and serenity of the Trodos Mountains. By considering the external environments and their different lifestyles, which ultimately affected how they aged, Damien was able to create skincare products that enhanced and improved skin using genetics.

Damien soon began working with a highly skilled team of skin care specialists on products that built upon properties that DNA naturally provides. Soon, the Aenea Cosmetics anti-ageing and vegan skincare line was born.

Damien chose the name based on his Greek heritage – the Greco-Roman hero ‘Aeneas’, who was also the son of Aphrodite the goddess of beauty, and the Greek word meaning ‘young’.


Aenea Cosmetics has won a number of prestigious awards such as the ‘My Face My Body Awards 2014’ for Best Cosmeceutical Range 2014, the ‘Global Wealth and Finance Awards 2016’ for Best Health and Beauty Product Manufacturing Firm 2016 (UK) and the ‘Global Wealth and Finance Awards 2017’ for Best Health and Beauty Product Manufacturing Firm 2017 (UK).