Anti-Pollution Skincare

The Year Of Anti-Pollution Skincare

So, it appears to be the year of anti-pollution, everything we see these days whether on TV, or in the papers or what we hear on the radio is facts and figures about the latest record high levels of air pollution in London.

We’re also as a nation obsessed with the latest anti-ageing skincare treatments and products. We’re beauty mad yet destroying our beauty by very much the lifestyles we live and the day to day threats we subject ourselves to, knowing or unknowingly and namely through air pollution.

Now with a link between air pollution and of course the biggest organism on the human body ‘our skin’, isn’t it time we got to really know and understand the complications quickly and how we can try to fix them to reduce the ageing process?

Let’s put things into perspective. Toxic levels in air pollution in the capital have been illegal since 2010 and has been responsible for over 40,000 deaths each year. Can you believe that?

Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London was forced to introduce toxic charges for driving in to London to reduce the levels of air pollution in our city. Oxford Street is set to be pedestrianised to fight these issues in 2020. Even in Westminster, recently an air-pollution wall was built to reduce the levels of toxic air through a self-watering and solar power system with a large moss area designed to soak up high levels of air pollution.

So, with these illegal record highs and according to the World Health Organisation dangerous levels, what is this doing to our skin? If 40,000 people a year are dying from it, I hate to think what it is doing to the ageing process, are you? Well I can tell you. Please read on.

Let’s keep this simple and relevant. Here’s the science bit. Everything in the world including human beings and the air around us is made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms and atoms are a pair of electrons. But when an atom is missing an electron, that’s when we talk of free radicals.

Free radicals (which I’m sure you hear a lot about in skincare) will then try to grab an extra electron from other atoms, which causes damage to our DNA and ultimately a vicious circle. Like an apple turns brown when exposed to the air, or metal browns when oxidised our cells can also rust when we breathe free radicals which in turn causes oxidative stress. Were breathing air pollution every day and this process of oxidative stress is damaging our cells and therefore skin from within. Oxidative stress is when free radicals in the skin oxides cells causing our cells and tissue to not function properly. They damage tissue, they damage DNA and they damage the cell membranes.

The result!? Vitamin E depletion causing discolouration of the skin, lack of hydration thus less moisture causing dryness which in turn leads to fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation leading to uneven skin tone and texture but more so oxidative stress can lead to a break down in the essential proteins required in your skin that help produce collagen and elastin which are the essential foundations and building blocks for healthy and younger-looking skin. This breakdown in collagen and elastin fibres ultimately result in ageing.

Free radicals are mainly caused by the sun, UV rays and radiation from our mobile phones and computer screens, dust in our homes, industrial waste, cigarette smoke and the foods we consume, even stress! Alcohol also is a bigger factor, tiredness, over exertion at work, too much coffee, lack of sleep, they all lead to the formation of free radicals.

So how do we stop this from happening? Before I drive you in to a sense of panic I can reassure you that there is a solution! Don’t worry!

Anti-oxidants are the answer, these ultimately reduce oxidative stress which in turn prevents the production of free radicals and of course minimising the risk of ageing.

Aenea Cosmetics is the first leading range of high tech anti-ageing vegan skincare which uses the science of Epigenetics to combat the ageing process.

They have grasped that we are all born with a genetic code that tells us how we are going to age. However, it is the environment that we are exposed to and these external aggressors that can send signals to our cells which in turn leave negative footprints on our DNA causing us to age quicker.

Using the study of Epigenetics they have created an Anti-Pollution Guardian which helps to reduce the impact of free radicals on the skin with a series of anti-ageing vegan anti-oxidant ingredients that ultimately reduce oxidative stress and but more so leaves positive footprints on our DNA causing us to reduce the ageing process, at the same time using a powerful set of ingredients that help enhance our natural defence mechanism in the fight against harmful free radicals caused mostly as a result of air pollution.

For example, they use Ornesia which is derived from the Passionflower which is a great anti-oxidant that also helps enhance our natural defence mechanism, very clever stuff!

2018 is certainly the year for change and cosmetics have now moved from cosmetic science to biological study where all that is around us is now considered to be integral into understanding the ageing process.

You can’t stop yourself from ageing but you certainly can choose how you’re going to age, but it is important to understand that when choosing the right skincare, make sure you choose formulas packed with anti-oxidants, that promote cellular recovery and protection and consider Epigenetics because this is certainly tipped to be the next biggest thing in skincare!

Hope this helps peeps!

Written by Damien Zannetou

Founder of Aenea Cosmetics

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