A school of thought is that the best anti-ageing skincare products must contain compounds that are harmful to humans. Before reaching market shelves, these beauty products must be able to pass animal testing so they won’t cause damage to our skin.

Today, it’s entirely possible for anti-ageing skin care products to contain zero harmful chemicals and forego the cruel animal testing process altogether. Some companies may say that they have switched to natural, plant-based ingredients, but you may be surprised to find that they’re not 100% vegan or free of cruel practices.

The aspect of going full vegan means that the product doesn’t contain animal-derived ingredients and that it hasn’t been tested on animals. Xanthan Gum is largely made up of chicken eggs, but some companies label beauty products that contain the ingredient as “vegan”, which is false. Lanolin, a popular skincare ingredient made from sheep’s wool is another example of animal-based ingredients in regular use by the industry.

Damien, the founder of Aenea, believes that ‘vegan’ means there shouldn’t be any cruelty whatsoever, so there is no animal testing done during the entire manufacturing process of Aenea products.

As owner and dog lover (he has a Pomeranian called Bubba and a British Bulldog named Audrey), Damien is passionate about selling natural, animal cruelty-free skincare products that have outstanding anti-ageing benefits.

The Aenea range is cruelty-free and contains zero animal derivatives. It’s PETA-certified and the logo is proudly shown on each Aenea skincare product.

Portions of his profits will be donated to the Wild at Heart Foundation, a Cyprus-based institution working hard to reduce the number of stray dogs in the world. Damien, a Cypriot native is also a proud member of the PETA organisation.